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Since 2009 The Towne Cycles has been building customized bicycles from the frame up for the community of Oakland. OUR GOAL IS TO BUILD YOU THE most comfortable and affordable bike possible, that fits your body and style perfectly. We will work with you to create bike that will become part of the Towne Cycles Family. 


The Towne Cycles is focused on helping people that rely on their bikes to make their lives work. We understand how bad your day, week, or even your year can be when your bike can't be relied on to get you from A to B. Whether you need a tune up for your daily commuter, you are riding down the coast of California, or you've got a race coming up and your beautiful machine is just not dialed in the way you want; The Towne Cycles is here to help you have the safest, sexiest, most fun ride possible, all while bringing friends, neighbors, and strangers together through biking.


Custom Cycles for custom people


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5656 Genoa St.
Oakland, CA 94608

(510) 677-5121


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